3d cad designer and metalworker

With my daugter In workshop

I have more than 25 metalwork experiences from 6 different countries. I use more than 20 computer programs. Started with 3d cad design 15 years ago. I can use Proengineer Wildfire, Inventor, Alibre design, Autocad, Progecad....and I am also effective in metalwork. I worked for one of the best slovenian company for many years. We worked with Renault, Bosch, Andritz...Worked one year in toolmaking industry too. Relocated from Slovenia 6 years ago to Ireland and half year later to England. I worked almost 5 years for Architectural Metalwork company in Surrey county. Our customers were the richest people on the world. I made it more than 150 stairs in that time and become effective in making most expensive balustrade. Developed my own way how to shape baluster bush end. This balustrade is very expensive and popular among rich customers.

You can see some my 3d cad models on the right. Example - 3d model Stairs: I will start with designing stringer, and after then I am going to use stringer going and rising edge for designing tread. We get relations between stringer and tread. We can reuse the same model for another stairs. When we'll change going and rising also tread dimensions will change.

Metalwork is about predicting. I try to save time on making stairs, then I will have more time for making balustrade.